Oh, I’ve been remiss.

The holidays came and took over my life as well as overtime in my regular not as exciting day job.

We had such wonderful holidays and I hope you all did too.  So many toys!  They are still all over the living room with no homes yet in the bedroom.  Here’s a picture of my muffin with her Christmas Sweater on, waiting, umm not too patiently to go to her grandparents to open even more gifts.


Since Christmas, I’ve been working on selfish items.  I’ve knit one pair of socks

IMG_20150105_083034_medium2and started a second pair

IMG_20150114_123024_medium2 (Sorry for the crumby cell phone picture)

The second pair is a short row heel which I’ve never tried before.  I’m expanding my horizons this year!  I typically do cuff down, slip stitch heel with gusset.  This year, I’m branching out.  There are so many other sock techniques out there and I want to try them!

What are you working on?


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