One Year Later…


Stony Hollow Shawl


So, today is the day!  One year ago, I uploaded my first pay-for pattern to Ravelry.  It sure has been a while ride.  Some very high highs (first sale!!!) and some low lows (where did all my creativity go?!) but between it all being a knitwear designer fulfills a place that I didn’t know was missing.  Through this one year journey, I’ve met some wonderful people, learned many new things and have grown as a person.  Sure, there were times when I wanted to pull my hair out, times I was frustrated I wasn’t knitting faster and times where I was struggling to stay awake to finish just one more row.  Even though the hard times, I would not give up designing.

Nothing has been self-published in a while; however, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of things going on – lots of half designs in the works for the Ravelry store and three (yes, three!) upcoming magazine patterns.  

To this year being bigger and better than last!


In honor of this special event – enjoy a buy one get one free sale over on Ravelry, no coupon code necessary and only new purchases apply.


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