Ah, September!


September rolls in each year like a breath of fresh air.  I like the laid back slower pace of not rushing to brush my daughter’s hair before running out the door to my day job, the rushing back from work in order to not miss the school bus dropping my daughter off in the afternoon each summer.  Other than having to go to work at my day job, the summer is pretty unstructured.

And, that’s where my love of summer ends.  We live in a sticky humid  summer / cold dry winter climate.  I’m not a fan of either extreme.  I much prefer the crisp autumn air, the need for hand knits, the colors of the leaves, the overall calm and routine of the school year with the exception of the rushing listed above.  Like most children, my daughter is easier to get into bed, easier to feed, and generally less disagreeable when she has a routine which makes the school year beneficial to all of us.  It does tire her out and some days she seems more zombie than child getting off the bus but after a snack she perks back up for some play outdoors.  So, welcome September!  Welcome Autumn!

In the world of knitting where hand knits are always being created with disregard to the outside temperature, I have some things on the needles.

On top: Small Top Down Faroese Shawl by Cate Leonard in Lion Brand Fishermen’s Wool

On bottom: Design In Progress in Classic Elite Yarns Alpaca Sox

DSCN3243I have a few other things in various states; some ideas, some swatched, some planned out a bit but nothing more.  These two are seeing the most love.  Now, some knitting time and the Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Movie.



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