Oh Monday, we meet again! The one with the birthday recallings.

I missed my regularly scheduled post on Friday due to my husband’s birthday on Saturday.  My daughter, Miss Sass, decided to throw her father a surprise party for his birthday.  She planned the entire thing (including theme and food choices) then called his side of the family to invite them.  Then the hardest part, she kept the secret an entire week from her father.  This included a tantrum about moving the couch and when he began yelling about the couch not belonging in what she believed to be optimal cake eating placement.  She yelled back but you just don’t understand and I can’t tell you.  I would have caved if I were her.  I would have totally yelled back but I want the couch there for the surprise party.  That kid of mine, yeah she’s a trustworthy person.  If you need someone to keep a secret, she’s your girl!

I spent Friday evening, cleaning up the house and baking his cake.  He knew he was having cake and his parents might visit but that was about it.  She had invited both of his brothers and an uncle as well and planned it so he would not be home when they arrived.  She spent all week on the phone with her grandparents planning little details like beverages and the perfect timing.

When Saturday arrived, as things go, everyone was running late but not us.  Our plan to get my husband out of the house worked perfectly.  He was out at the time everyone was supposed to arrive but didn’t.  He came back and we had to think of another reason to get him out of the house.  Luckily, he was pretty cooperative and completed all of the errands I sent him on, on his birthday nonetheless.  Gosh, I love him.  It worked out so that his brother, sister-in-law and nephew arrived while he was out and they were able to surprise him.  He claims to have had no clue.  I was skeptical as there were mentions of a party occasionally throughout the week which he denied by saying he did not want a party or there isn’t any party.  Little did he know, bahahaha!  The middle brother ended up coming later due to having plans but all was well.

Once he arrived, we had dinner and cake.  Happy Birthday, dear husband.  I hope you enjoyed your pizza cake.



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