Baby Blankets

Babies create a special kind of knitting.  Not only are they quick knits but also could be the first hand made gift a of a new life.  What could be more special than that.  A childhood friend of mine had his second baby last Wednesday.  While I knew his wife was pregnant, I wasn’t sure of the exact due date, heck I wasn’t even sure of the due month.  I didn’t start anything but did kick around a few ideas.  Hat, sweater, blanket… next thing I knew, bam! baby pictures on Facebook.  What to do?  What to do?  Log cabin-esqe baby blanket was knitted up quickly in just over four days and mailed out today.  With great haste, I did not snap a good picture of the blanket.  I can only hope I receive a picture of the lovely baby with the blanket and permission to post it here.


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