What the haystack!


That’s one of my daughter’s favorite phrases.  What is actually pictured is a swatch of many colors (or will be since I just ran out of the green colored yarn as well).  From right to left, it is a turned corner, increases, failed attempt at a lace mesh, successful attempt at a diamond shape that I decided I didn’t like and finally, the first lace mess again but successful this time.  Eh, well there were a few dropped stitches in the final lace section which made some of the stitches wonky when I picked them back up but most importantly the stitch count is right at the end of each row.

That’s the design process.  Brainstorm an idea and make it happen.  My road to the finished project is often a tangled mess with lots of tears before the magic happens and it all clicks together but the magic makes it worth it in the end.




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