I am a small town girl living in the fast paced suburbs.  Knitting takes the rush out of life.  A little piece of peace in an otherwise world full of chaos.

I started knitting in high school and almost immediately began creating my own patterns.  I published my first pattern on Ravelry in 2013.  Since then, I have had multiple design projects on the needles and look forward to introducing them to you in the near future.

I can be found on Ravelry, Craftsy, InstagramFacebook and Pinterest.


One thought on “Welcome

  1. I have a question about your “Ribbed For Him” sock pattern. The cuff instructions say repeat the pattern 15 times and then repeat for 15 rows. I assumed it was a total of 15 rows for the P1, K2, P1 pattern. Is this correct?

    And then, for the leg section it says P1, K4, P1 – repeat 10 times and then repeat this for 20 rows or to desired length. So am I to do it for 20 rows, 30 rows or whatever I want?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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